Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Major Paralympic Headlines

In my signature style, I am going to do a top-five list, highlighting some of the major events of 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. Obviously there are a lot more moments that are worth noticing, but for the moment I decided to write about the five that stood out for me.

5. Japan gets its first gold medal. Cross-country skiier Yoshihiro Nitta finished the race thirty seconds before his Russian competitor. His reaction was very moving: "I have dreamt of this moment for the last year and this season I had imagined this victory every day before going to sleep."

4. Canada beat Norway at the last minute in that one game. It may have taken awhile and been a nerve-wrecking game, but the end was great!

3. The United States of America won gold in sledge hockey! As sad as I am that Canada didn't even make it to the finals, I believe that if anyone deserved to win sledge, it was the Americans. The able-bodied men's hockey team looked so sad when they were receiving their silver medals... :( As you can tell, I am a bit of a bleeding-heart.

2.What he wasn't able to achieve in the Olympic Games, he achieved in the Paralympic . Brian McKeever won his first gold medal in cross-country skiing. Way to go! My only regret is that they haven't let him compete in the Olympic Games.

1. Lauren Woolstencroft, a name not a lot of people knew before now, ended up winning five gold medals and becoming the Canadian with the most ever gold medals at any Paralympic Winter Games in HISTORY. Now that's special.

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