Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day of 2009

So... Last day of 2009. Kind of sad, kind of exciting. Very unbelievable. It's been a year already? What was I doing this time last year? Oh yeah. I was suffering from extreme heat stroke and sea sickness somewhere in the middle of the West Indies. It's a wonder I even dragged myself out of bed to attend the New Year's Eve party. But, hey, that was all a year ago.

Me, after dinner and before the party, last year.

This year, things are slightly less exciting. Just some family and friends, some presents, a countdown, some sparklers and a lot of food. What I'm more excited about is the year ahead. Regardless of the fact that the concept of weeks and months and years is all invented by people, I cannot help jumping up and down thinking about how much everything is going to change for me in 2010. It's going to be a good year.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catching Up...

I didn't write yesterday because I spent the better half of the morning at the Vancouver Public Library (the one that looks like a Coliseum). Their non-fiction section is so, so, so confusing. I was trying to find a book on making things out of T-shirts and I had to go through five floors of non-fiction trying to find it. And of course, it turned out that they didn't have the book. Why am I not surprised? Oh well, I might buy it with the Chapters gift card I got for my birthday.

See, RPL has a fiction floor and a non-fiction floor and it is so much easier. Then again, the choice of books is smaller. Plus the VPL has so much more than just books- film reels and old newspapers and play scripts. If I could, I'd spend days at the library.

After the library, I spent some time at Pacific Centre Mall with my mother. We bought an olive eyeshadow from Sephora for the two of us to share and a pair of jeans for me. I saw an amazing pair of knee-length boots, too, but of course the price was "a little" too much for me- 700$ on sale from 1K. Well, when I'm a rich and famous writer or journalist or whatever I might be, I'll buy the boots.

-The Boots

I got home at around seven o'clock, so I had more than enough time to write a blog, but as usual, I didn't use my time wisely. But, hey, at least I'm catching up now. This isn't like my grade six diary, where I wrote down one entry and never opened it again. I'm actually sticking to this blog.

Oh right, on Sunday, I almost got into a car accident. I was the one behind the wheel, but it wasn't my fault- clear example of drunk driving. The car in front of us was swaying and turning in all directions up to the point where it started reversing, right into our car. Luckily, it stopped after I honked at it several times and I was able to pass it before there was a crash. We were lucky, I know, but if I had the authority, I'd definitely be taking someone's licence away. Tsk.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Like...

So... It is Sunday. Of course, I completely lose track of days during the holidays. Every day feels like Saturday. :)

Anyways, I just realized that I kind of started my blog off with random ramling. I think it is necessary to share a little bit about me. And since the best way to get to know a person is to get to know what they like, I have created a list of my favourite things.

I like:

-being on top of a roller coasster -compliments -getting good grades -moving on to a new level on S.L. -Brie and Camembert cheese -my bellybutton piercing -movie theatre popcorn -people that pronounce my last name right from the first try -air drying my hair -my birthday -Friday nights and Saturday mornings -playing cards or broken telephone or a board game -buying new pens -reminiscing about the good old days when we were kids -LaSenza sales -comfortable high heels -driving on a highway -Nathan Scott -songs that make you think -nail polish that doesn't chip away for a really long time -getting mail/e-mail -fans and reader and reviews for the stories I post online -people I can talk to -hockey -the first bite of a candy apple -painting -improv games -sewing a perfect seam -seeing the new Cosmo in stores -wooden houses -my room being clean (but not actually cleaning it) -Betsey Johnson dresses -spending the day at the beach, then stopping at a Starbucks while my hair is still wet -walking down Fifth Avenue to get to Central Park -Chandler Bing, Ross Geller and Joey Tribbiani -cooking with people -finishing the last page of a notebook -costumes -DIY fashion books -trains, planes, boats -laughing and not being able to stop -book stores

And there's a lot more, but that's all I can think of right now.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

So... Christmas is over. That would mean that today is Boxing Day, the day to rush to the mall and grab everything in sight. Even if I don't exactly agree with the "holiday", I think that the event is better organized in the States. There Black Friday (their major shopping day) is the day after Thanksgiving, hence before Christmas.

Anyways. Wa-hoo. Sense the excitement. It's not that I don't like shopping- I do. And I don't really mind crowds either. Patience, however, is not one of my strong points and waiting in line for hours on end to buy stuff that isn't that cheap to begin with? Ew. The funny thing is, I probably will end up going to the mall anyway. Knowing me and how I cannot stand to miss out on anything, I'll probably spend some time pushing through the crowds at Richmond Centre. Last year I was in Tampa during Boxing Day. Sunny Tampa. Since you can't exactly go tanning by the pool in Richmond at this time of year, I might as well hit the mall.

The irony? It's not like I really need anything anyways. Except maybe hangers, because I ran out and now have three sweaters that I have nowhere to put. Of course, I could take this as a hint to get rid of the stuff that I don't wear anymore, but I am such a pack rat. I can't throw
anything away. I save candy wrappers and shopping bags and receipts and wrapping paper from presents. I still have all of my elementary school Valentine's Day cards. I guess the day will come when I'll either have to rent a storage unit or sleep on piles of papers, but I try not to think about that for now.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!! Or Happy Any Other Holiday That You May Celebrate At This Time!

Ever notice how Christmas Eve can sometimes be more exciting than Christmas? All the waiting and excitement is yet to come. And then as quick as Christmas comes it is over for yet another year... But then there's New Year's Eve coming up...

Anyways, my Christmas was great. Presents, food, family. I'm a little sad that it's almost over, actually, but as we all know, all good things must come to an end.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Went to bed late yesterday. Well, late for me (1 o'clock). I realized recently that I am very much a morning person. Which is weird, considering that everyone else I know can stay up half the night and sleep in until noon. Then again, I've always been a bit different.

Yesterday I went to check out the Olympic Village. It was all blocked off with fences, however, so we weren't able to get too close to it. From the little I've seen, I wasn't too impressed- appartments like any others. I was expecting something a little more extravagant to be built for the Olympic athletes, especially if you keep in mind all the money that's been spent on this Olympic Village. But I'll admit that maybe I didn't see it all.

Also yesterday, we visited the Festival of Lights at the Van Dusen Garden- a major Christmas lights display. It was all pretty and glowey and Christmasey and they even made flowers out of recycles bottles, so I was impressed. The only negative thing was that it was very, very cold last night and I was wearing thin boots, so by the time we were ready to leave, I couldn't feel my toes. Which brings me to another point- I was meant for life in the tropics. All in all, though, it was a fun day.

On a final note, today's Christmas Eve, so Happy Christmas Eve to everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner...

Hello. It's me. Veronika. I cannot believe that it is already Wednesday of the first week of the Winter Break. I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner and that the Olympic Games are also drawing near. When in 2003 they first announced that the Games would take place in Vancouver, it seemed like 2010 was ages away. And now here we are, on December 23rd, 2009. Unbelievable.