Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catching Up...

I didn't write yesterday because I spent the better half of the morning at the Vancouver Public Library (the one that looks like a Coliseum). Their non-fiction section is so, so, so confusing. I was trying to find a book on making things out of T-shirts and I had to go through five floors of non-fiction trying to find it. And of course, it turned out that they didn't have the book. Why am I not surprised? Oh well, I might buy it with the Chapters gift card I got for my birthday.

See, RPL has a fiction floor and a non-fiction floor and it is so much easier. Then again, the choice of books is smaller. Plus the VPL has so much more than just books- film reels and old newspapers and play scripts. If I could, I'd spend days at the library.

After the library, I spent some time at Pacific Centre Mall with my mother. We bought an olive eyeshadow from Sephora for the two of us to share and a pair of jeans for me. I saw an amazing pair of knee-length boots, too, but of course the price was "a little" too much for me- 700$ on sale from 1K. Well, when I'm a rich and famous writer or journalist or whatever I might be, I'll buy the boots.

-The Boots

I got home at around seven o'clock, so I had more than enough time to write a blog, but as usual, I didn't use my time wisely. But, hey, at least I'm catching up now. This isn't like my grade six diary, where I wrote down one entry and never opened it again. I'm actually sticking to this blog.

Oh right, on Sunday, I almost got into a car accident. I was the one behind the wheel, but it wasn't my fault- clear example of drunk driving. The car in front of us was swaying and turning in all directions up to the point where it started reversing, right into our car. Luckily, it stopped after I honked at it several times and I was able to pass it before there was a crash. We were lucky, I know, but if I had the authority, I'd definitely be taking someone's licence away. Tsk.

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  1. OHHH, those are some gorgeous boots!
    here's a link of a pair of boots that i think are equally amazingg :)