Sunday, February 21, 2010

Athletes In the Spotlight

Petra Majdič:

Talk about sportsmanship... Petra Majdič, a thirty year old Slovenian cross country skier, really showed the true spirit of perseverance and what the Games are all about. While she was warming up for her event, the 1.4 kilometer classic sprint, Majdič skied off course and into a gulley. She then crashed on the rocks, breaking four ribs, both ski poles and one ski tip. Majdič was then taken to the hospital for x-rays. Nonetheless, she decided to return and compete. She went on to do the event despite the pain and even won bronze, becoming the first individual to win a medal for Slovenia in the last sixteen years. Afterwards, Majdič was taken to the hospital for treatment and rest. She still attended the victory ceremonies, however and at a press conference afterwards said that "Today, this is not a bronze. This is a gold with little diamonds on it". She couldn't have been more right.

Sidney Crosby:

But was that really that much of a surprise? His saving the Canada vs. Switzerland game was just a small taste of what he's capable of. Sid the Kid, for all of his twenty-two years, has talent that many professional hockey players only dream of acquiring later in life. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one that carried Canada to the gold medal hockey game. AND he's cute. We love you, Sid!

P.S. I know that this picture isn't exactly related to these Olympic Games, but I couldn't resist. Crosby vs. Ovechkin, anyone?

Brian McKeever:

Brian McKeever is truly extraordinary because he became the first Canadian athlete ever to compete in both the Paralympic and the Olympic Games. Brian was diagnosed with Stargaard's disease, a degenerative eye condition that makes someone lose most of their vision, to the point of becoming legally blind. Nonethless, Brian continued doing what he loves best, that is skiing and competing in many competitions for the disabled. And now he even qualified to compete against able-bodied athletes! That kind of talent and perseverance is an inspiration to us all. Brian will be competing on the last day of the Olympic Games and we will be watching!


  1. thats so cool how she came back and won a BRONZE! And to be the first medalist in her country in 16 years!. What a great story!

  2. Wow, these are some AMAZING stories! I had not heard about Petra Majdic, that is truely unbelievable!