Sunday, February 28, 2010

And They're Over... :(

As quickly as they had come, the Olympic Games are now over. After all the excitement of the gold medal hockey game and the Closing Ceremony, I feel kind of... sad. The Games are actually finished. The Cauldron is extinguished. No more events, no more crazy crowds, no more hype. Vancouver will go back to being the city that goes unnoticed. Or will it? No, it probably never will. The legacy will remain. Let's hope that the memory of the Games will stay with not only us, but with tourists around the world. It's been an incredible two weeks. I will never forget them. The only thing that cheers me up at a moment like this is knowing that the memories that I made during the Olympic Games will stay with me forever... and the fact that I still have the Paralympic Games to get excited about!!! That will be a whole other wonderful experience. But for now I just want to go over some of the best moments in the final few days of the Games (anything that happened after I wrote my list of memorable moments thus far).


The 5 Most Memorable Moments in the Final Days of the Games:

5. The Canadian Curling Team won gold!!! And even though a lot of people like to poke fun at curlers, I believe that this sport is pretty cool. We are all so proud of our team, led by Kevin Martin. Way to go, guys!!!

4. The women's hockey team winning first place against the U.S.A. And even though the women's hockey team doesn't get half of the publicity men's hockey does, that doesn't mean that their win is any less important for Canada. I think that hockey, no matter who plays it, is Canada's game. The U.S.A has baseball and football. Hockey is ours.

3. Canada winning fourteen gold medals- more than any one country had ever obtained in any of the previous Games. We're proud of our athletes, of course. But we are also proud of everyone that made it possible for the athletes to perform as well as they did- from John Furlong to the volunteers to the people that built the equipment necessary for the Games to take place. We appreciate it!

2. The clown at the Closing Ceremony. Who doesn't love a country that knows how to laugh at oneself? I couldn't think of a more adequate way to put an end to the Games- we are not ignoring the hydraulics fail that happened at the Opening, we are choosing to laugh about it and focus on the positive. That is the way Canada is.

1. The Canadian Men's hockey team winning gold. OBVIOUSLY this event is where it is; the celebratory crowd after the game was like nothing I've ever seen before, comparable only with the crowds in Times Square. The happiness of the population was felt everywhere you turned. The fact that the situation in overtime was so perilous added to the excitement after the final goal was scored. And, if you check my other blog post about athletes that stand out, who did I predict would save the gold medal hockey game? None other than my favourite player and now the national hockey hero of Canada, Sidney Crosby!!! It was a wonderful game, in every way. To win the gold medal hockey game on home soil was more than anyone could have expected!!!

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  1. Great post! I agree with all the memorable moments you chose, especially the mime with the cauldron, that was hilarious. And this line was amazing, "the celebratory crowd after the game was like nothing I've ever seen before, comparable only with the crowds in Times Square." You're a great writer! Keep it up.