Monday, February 8, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay

Well, they are carrying the Olympic Torch through Richmond in... one day. That's exciting. That's especially exciting because they're carrying it right by my house. Well, not right by my house (as in you cannot see it from my bedroom window), but pretty close to my house. And then at seven there's this big Olympic Celebration happening at Minoru. It's like a big party to kick start the Olympic Games. :)

Coca-Cola is sponsoring the event and they're giving out free bottles of Coke to the spectators. But what really shocked is the fact that you have to be fourteen years old to get a free bottle of Coke (I found this out from someone who lives in a place that has already had the Olympic Celebration). So now there's a legal age limit for drinking Coke? That's taking it too far.

But, anyways, it sounds like mucho fun, so I will definitely be at the celebrations tomorrow!

Come one, come all.

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